Antonio is a licensed attorney in Italy and currently is serving as Chief Experience Officer at the University of California Riverside Extension, He has been a business and marketing consultant for a top 100 MLM Corporation. Antonio teaches at the University of California Riverside and has collaborated in the past with the University of Santa Barbara. In Italy, he taught at the University of Bologna and the University of Bari.
He created two management training systems called Performanager and Rugby4Managers (R), which utilizes sports as a metaphor for team building, leadership, and coaching. He wrote “Oval Marketing”, the first book in the world about the marketing of Rugby and has published more than 50 marketing and sports management articles.
His education credentials include a Law Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He is trilingual in English, Italian and Spanish. He has been awarded an O1 Visa for his extraordinary ability in sciences, education, business, and athletics.